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Interview Tips

Tips that get results and make the most of your interview time.

Single-best interview question

If you could only ask one question, this is it.

Position profile and questions

Why take the time to do it and what are the questions?

60 Second Lesson - Structured Interviewing

Don’t waste time interviewing, assessing, and making an offer, only to have a candidate decline it.

Here are proven pointers to polish up your interview and hire process:

  1. Be on time and committed to the interview. You expect the candidate to be professional and serious about the process and they expect the same. This is the first impression they'll have about what it's like to work for you and your company.
  2. Keep in mind the goal of the interview. It's not only to evaluate the candidate, but to also help the candidate understand why this would be a great career opportunity. This is very important when dealing with passive candidates.
  3. Start the interview by explaining who you are. Tell them what your role is in the company and why you are excited to work there.
  4. Let the candidate know the interview format. For example: Question and answer, panel, testing, etc.
  5. Ask all questions necessary to assess competency. Spend time exploring the candidates’ background while avoiding side tracks. If side tracked, move the conversation back on course and restate the question if necessary for clarification.
  6. Ensure time for candidate questions. Make enough time at the end of the interview to answer any questions the candidate might have.
  7. Thank the candidate for the interview. Make sure the next interviewer is ready. Or if you’re the last interviewer, walk the candidate to the door.

These steps will not only help you assess the candidate, but it will increase the likelihood they will accept an offer should you decide to extend one.

The Single-Best Interview Question

Employer to Employee

Can you tell me about one of your biggest projects or accomplishments and provide as much detail as you can?

As the candidate discusses this, ask open questions: Who, When, Where, Why, How.

People who have the skills and experience will typically become energized and more open about what they've accomplished and how they did it. While people who are good at presenting themselves but lack the experience for the job will typically provide shorter, shallow answers.