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60 Second Lesson – Maximizing Interview Time

You've put in the effort to interview for a new position. You probably have some questions on your mind.

You might be wondering:

  • Is this a place you can stay for the next several years?
  • Will this be the right manager to work for and the right project to work on?
  • What about compensation?
  • Will you receive a fair offer?

All of these are excellent questions that need to be answered prior to accepting an offer. But remember...this is only an interview. You can't even consider the opportunity if the company does not make an offer, so let's focus on that first. Your strategy for the interview is simple: Get an offer.

  • Going into the interview, assume that you want the job, and act as if you do.
  • Be positive and show interest in the company and the position.
  • Do your homework. Know a few things about the company, and have questions prepared. Nobody wants to offer a job to someone who shows a lack of interest.

During the interview, focus on doing your best to answer all of the interviewer's questions rather than analyzing the viability of the position. Be detailed with your answers and provide examples! Use the SAM method:

Saved, Achieved, Made

What did you save, achieve and/or make for the company, the project, the team etc. in your position?

If the interviewer asks about compensation, give them the following information:

  1. Your current salary and bonus (if applicable)
  2. The date of your last increase
  3. Mention that you are open to a fair, competitive offer.

After the interview, send a note or email of thanks to the company.

Now is the time you can start evaluating the pro's and con's. Even if you don't think this opportunity is right for you, you never know what other positions the company might have or who that person knows in the business, so make a good impression.

Remember...it is not a career option until you have received an offer.

The single-best interview question

Interviewee to Interviewer

What do you think it's like to work for you?

Look for honesty and openness, and an ability to see through the eyes of an employee.