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We’re dedicated to connecting the right person with the right opportunity.

Why Return Our Calls?

The best job opportunities are typically unadvertised and often confidential. Our clients use us to find the best people. We pre-qualify the opportunity as much as possible, prior to contacting you. If you get a call from us, it’s because we’ve done our homework and to the best of our ability, determined a likely match. While we can’t be100% accurate, we explore the question before presenting the opportunity.

Furthermore, knowing a good recruiter can open doors into companies and/or opportunities you may never have known about without us. The more we know about you, the more likely we are to contact you in the future when we have an ideal position.

Our Process for Candidates

After your resume is entered into our database, we seek your permission to present it our client(s). No presentation is made without specific prior authorization from you, the candidate. We ask that, as much as possible, you keep track of all potential employers contacted by all sources on your behalf so as not to duplicate efforts.

If a client is interested in proceeding with a candidate, we brief both the client and the candidate in preparation for interviews, and facilitate the process up to and through negotiation of compensation and start date.

If you're interested in using our services, please submit your resume. We ask that you provide information on the type of position, salary range, location and/or willingness to relocate. This will enable us to bring the type of opportunities that you seek.

Candidate Resources

We take care of our candidates by providing a range of services. It's true that our job is to conduct searches on behalf of our clients, so it's accurate to say we are client-driven. However, we know our business isn't possible without excellent candidates. To help you better prepare for a career move, Talent Scout Consulting offers the following complementary information and services to you:

Resume Tips

In today’s hiring environment, your resume will get a limited amount of attention, so make every second count.

Types of Resumes

Click the links below for samples and recommendations on crafting a superior resume.  
  1. Chronological Resume
  2. Functional Resume
  3. Combination Resume
  4. Targeted Resume
  5. Mini Resume

Resume Critique

If needed, we will review your resume and offer options for improvement.

Interview Tips

Brush up on your interview skills and make sure you put your best foot forward.

Resigning How To's

Resigning is never easy. Follow these tips as you make your way to the exit door.

Dealing with Counter Offers

What should you do if you receive a counter offer? We provide the facts and straight answers to help you decide.

Getting on Board

Start your new job out right with these practical tips.